About the Artist

Susan Shiney is an expressionist artist that focuses on portraits. She believes every face tells a unique story. She does not capture the essence of the subject, however she invokes a story on their image that she wants to express.

Susan loves color and uses a loose brushwork style that gives preference to color rather than representation. She utilizes the rapid work of Impressionism with the angst of Expressionism.

She focuses her work in series of ten. Each image in the series works together to communicate a message or exploration of a subject as a whole. While each piece can stand alone as a story, it also works within the series as a piece within the larger message.


Susan has degrees in Anthropology and Art History. Travel and culture have affected her deeply and influence her perspectives on life. While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bangladesh, Susan became more focused on social justice issues and the empowerment of women. The history of art and the study of famous artists is her passion.

Susan has been drawing and painting since she was a child. She has taken art classes throughout her life in various forms, to say she is completely self-taught would be in correct.

Susan decided to make her artist’s dreams come true after completing the 500-mile Santiago de Compostela walking pilgrimage in Spain in the August of 2012.

She works in watercolors, acrylics, and oils in her study of faces in all forms.

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Susan Shiney Fine Art - artist@susanshiney.com