Want to Know What I’m Thinking?

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Want to Know What I’m Thinking?


Silent Women: 1920s Film Stars


Acrylic on Canvas


16 x 20 inches


$100 USD


This acrylic painting was inspired by the likeness of 1920s film star Pola Negri. She was born in Poland and then found fame in the United States doing silent films. I find her inspiring because she has such a dramatic face and there are so many reference photos of her because she was a favorite of the portrait photographers of the 1920s. She was a theater actress, film star, ballerina, author, and recording artist. She was also a fashion icon and was the first to start wearing turbans, which she was ultimately buried in as well. Pola Negri had large eyes and was often photographed looking up, leaving a lot of white space under her irises, giving her a supernatural appearance. This painting emphasizes this essence along with the turban, the accessory of fortune tellers. I used blue coloring for her face and silver for her irises to communicate the unearthly aura of this actress. When I think of the 1920s and the images of the women at this time, they seem to be shrouded in mystery, this image plays with that idea as well.

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